To Be an indispensable provider of fine chemicals.To supply consistent quality products on time,every time.To develop and deliver products that meets our exceed our customer's requirements.
Our Products
  • Acetyl chloride
  • Chloroacetyl chloride
  • Benzoyl chloride
  • Benzotrichloride
  • 2 Ethyl Hexonoyl chloride
  • Methoxy acetyl chloride
  • Octanoyl chloride
  • Lauroyl chloride
  • Chloro methyl pivalate
  • Lauryl chloride
  • 3-Chloro pivaloyl chloride
  • 2-3 Dichloro propionyl chloride

Industrial Chemicals

GHPC is a well trusted Manufacturer and Supplier of diverse range of Industrial Chemicals. All the chemicals are carefully tested for their safety and usability. We supply these products to Pharmaceuticals Industry, Agricultural Industry and Dyes and Intermediates etc.

Extreme care is taken during the packaging of the products to ensure that they not spill during storage or transportation. Our Industrial Chemicals meet all the industry norms and have myriad applications. The Industrial Chemicals are available in Standard Packing of 200/250 Kg Drums etc. and we can also provide Customized Packaging Facility to our esteemed clients. All the products are available at very competitive prices and we have always satisfied our clients with a timely delivery.

Sr Name of Product Sr Name of Product
1 Acetyl chloride 15 Terephthaloyl chloride
2 Chloroacetyl chloride 16 Phenyl acetyl chloride
3 Benzoyl chloride 17 3 Phenyl propionyl chloride
4 Benzotrichloride 18 p-Hydroxy Benzophenone
5 2 Ethyl Hexonoyl chloride 19 p-Hydroxy Acetophenone
6 Methoxy acetyl chloride 20 4-Chloro 4 Hydroxy Benzophenone
7 Octanoyl chloride 21 4,4, Difluoro Benzophenone
8 Lauroyl chloride 22 p-Bromo Benzophenone
9 Chloro methyl pivalate 23 4,4 Dibromo Benzophenone
10 Lauryl chloride 24 4-Fluoro Benzophenone
11 3-Chloro pivaloyl chloride 25 4,4 Dichloro Benzophenone
12 2-3 Dichloro propionyl chloride 26 2,2,4 Trichloro Acetophenone
13 p-Chloro benzoyl chloride 27 Dimethyl Amine Hydrochloride
14 M-Chloro benzyl chloride 28 Acetamide