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To Be an indispensable provider of fine chemicals.To supply consistent quality products on time,every time.To develop and deliver products that meets our exceed our customer's requirements.
Our Products
  • Acetyl chloride
  • Chloroacetyl chloride
  • Benzoyl chloride
  • Benzotrichloride
  • 2 Ethyl Hexonoyl chloride
  • Methoxy acetyl chloride
  • Octanoyl chloride
  • Lauroyl chloride
  • Chloro methyl pivalate
  • Lauryl chloride
  • 3-Chloro pivaloyl chloride
  • 2-3 Dichloro propionyl chloride

Welcome to
Gujarat Halogen Petrochem Corporation

Name synonymous with good quality fine chemicals employed in the pharmaceuticals, agricultural and dyes industries. Names Backed by Twenty five years experiences and expertise. Our strength has been chlorination and manufacture of acid chlorides. In fact, we are the second largest manufacturers of Benzoyl Chloride in India. The Acid Chlorides are manufactured by the Benzotrichloride process, there by ensuring that they are free of sulphur and phosphorus impurities. This is of Special significance in the pharmaceuticals industry.

Production Facilities.

  • SS-316 reactors with total reactor volume of 40 KL(500 to 6000KL).
  • Glass Lined Reactors with total reactor volume of 24 KL (2000 L to 6000 L).
  • Temperature range:-5°c to 250°c
  • High Vacuum Distillation (0.5 mmHg)
  • Various Filters and Dryers.